9/23 – 9/30 Survey + 9/16 – 9/23 Results!

Here we are again. The fox survey last week got 17 responses. Shall we jump right in? I honestly think all canines are really awesome, especially dogs because I can pet them. I love dogs. Dogs are just I love dogs A-hem, anyway… Other responses for preferred fox: SILVER FOXES HAVE YOU SEEN THEM THEY […]

9/16 – 9/23 Survey + 9/9 – 9/16 Results!

I’m back! And on time, too! See, I told you school would get me back on schedule!! Last week we got 19 responses to our survey on horses, and here are the results!! 1. My favorite horse was the appaloosa. I think their spots are so cute 😀 2. It was a clydesdale. They’re massive […]

(f)Art dump

I want to post more art on the gosh dang website. I put my art in places art is not supposed to go such as Wattpad books and in PM messaging. It’s just so difficult to get my photos from phone to computer sometimes. Unless you have Google Photos, which I do, now. Highly recommend. 10/10, quality […]

7/29 -8/6 Survey + 6/17 – 6/24 results!

Hey hey hey! It’s Venus and she’s back again with a survey or something like that. Sorry for the long wait! I had to go to Youth Conference immediately after my vacation, and then after that, I took a much-needed break! Nevertheless, I’m back on track and ready to go! Our last survey was on Man’s best […]

Vaycay photos!

My vacation was a lot of fun, guys! It was very hot in Utah but at least they don’t have the humidity that you get in North Carolina. I came back home and it felt like I couldn’t breathe! While I was there I had the pleasure of going to the temple to see my cousin […]